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Welcome, we invite all land owners in Chiang Mai and the wider area who are looking to get worldwide coverage for their land listing.

Our Coverage
We actively take land listings in all of Chiang Mai including Mae Rim, San Kamphaeng, Nimanhemin, Hang Dong, Outside the moat, Inside the moat, Saraphi, San Sai and Doi Saket,

Our Process

Once you have submitted your application somebody from our office will contact you and arrange to meet you to review your plot of land.

At this stage if everything checks out in way of your documentation and verified land ownership we will progress with submission and start listing your land. As part of our quality control process to our land buying customers we perform the following:

- Photogrpahic copy of your land title
- Photo ID
- Take additional pictures of the plot of land
- Take GPS coordinates of your plot of land
- Work out additional information for the profile

Taking the service to the next level

On some occasions when we know we can connect you with a potential buyer immediately given factors such as location and size, we may offer an additional service which will excel the opportunity to connect you with a buyer.

How long does it take to get list?

If all paperwork is in order and we are satisfied everything is acceptable for our land buyers then we can get the process completed within a day, but in the event documentation is missing it can take longer, so it really is down to you.

Chiang Mai Land selling commission information ...
Chiang Mai Land Real estate agency, also referred to as real estate brokers, do the work of connecting real estate buyers with sellers. Buyers save tremendous amounts of time by connecting with our service as we have a vast library of land that can easily match their specific requirements that saves a lot of time for the buyer when using a land agent. For the seller’s, the agents assist in getting clients as we are able to tap into an existing database of clients that we can connect with your land, this not only helps save time and money as well for the buyer for the seller.

No advertisement fee's for the seller

We see our land sellers as an investment of time and money, we invest our resources into casting a wider net and advertise your land so to find the people who are looking for your land. There is no doubt that we help the sellers as much as we do the buyers by using our experienced and savvy team to get your property in front of people who need to see it. In Thailand, the standard commission for real estate agents is 3% of the transacted price and there are also further charges in form of tax, 2% of stamp duty levied, divided among the buyer (1%) and seller (1%) payable to Department of Lands.