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Chanote Land Title Deed
Chanote Title Deed
A Chanote Title Deed is a government approved and issued land document that grants for land ownership over a coordinated area in Thailand.
Nor Sor Sam Title Deed
Nor Sor Sam Title Deed
Nor Sor Sam title deeds are the second preferred option when it comes to land title deeds in Thailand with some characteristics that should be investigated.
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Land Title Deeds in Thailand
Losing money in exchange of counterfeit tittle deeds is a serious concern among most potential land buyers in Thailand. This is true because land buyers understand the monetary and mental effect of buying and developing a grabbed land. In Thailand, the type of tittle deed you have determines your sort of ownership and the rights you have on the land you claim to be yours. That is why it is recommended you familiarize with the different types of land deeds in Thailand before you go ahead to purchase a land.

When it comes to Thailand, you must have a Chanote tittle deed to claim full possession of any private land. Chanote deed is the main land ownership document that is approved by the government of Thailand. It helps tell the world that certain land belongs to you and under no circumstance can anyone take it away from you against your wish. Before a Chanote deed is given, the land should first been surveyed and marked by use of posts or GPS coordinates.

Nor Sor Sam is another common type of tittle deed in Thailand. This type of land deed is available in two options which are Nor Sor Sam Gor and Nor Sor Same. With a Nor Sor Sam Gor deed, your rights to the ownership of certain lands are recognized by the law and you can sell the land whenever you want. However, this land deed does not give you full ownership of the land and unless you upgrade it to Chanote, you are always at an exposed risk of external claims against the land.

Nor Sor Sam deed works and share same characteristics with a Nor Sor Sam Nor but is given to claim ownership of lands that are not perfectly measured and the boundaries outlined.

With a Sor Kor Nung tittle deed, it is really difficult to tell if you own or don’t own certain lands. This type of tittle deed is a plain document that is used to notify people that you own certain lands. Sor Kor Nung deed is mainly given to farmers in the countryside parts of Thailand. The best thing with this kind of deed is that you can upgrade it whenever you want.
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Building and construction rules in Chiang Mai
After securing land in Chiang Mai and obtaining all the necessary ownership documents, the next most possible assignment will be to develop it. Handling land development projects in Thailand is governed by various laws which must be followed to the latter to avert yourself from related legal claims and fines. Looking to build your dream home in Thailand, here is an overview of the building and construction rules in Thailand you must know.

The first law to remember when embarking on a building project in Thailand is whether your project meets the specific land and environmental restrictions within the town and city of concern. It is recommended you get a qualified municipal inspector to examine your land first to know the kind of buildings which can be erected in your land.

In Thailand, there are rules as to which design and structural specifications should be met when building homes. These rules give guidelines as to which size, shape and height conditions to be kept into consideration when developing lands. Normally, the standards governing the design specifications of buildings differ depending on city and province hence you must inquire from an authorized land Department officer before you go ahead to erect a new building.
Building On New Land  Thailand
The third rule which you should make sure is met when erecting a home in Thailand is the rule governing the quality and durability standards to be met during the construction of any project. This law gives guidelines on which materials, building codes and safety regulations to be followed when installing building add-ons such as gas systems, water systems and electrical systems. It is the law which determines how effective and durable your property will be after completion.

The final building and construction rule in Thailand requires that you acquire and gather the necessary building reports and permits. There are lots of building permits and requirements in Thailand hence you should be extra careful when collecting these documents. In order to avoid making mistakes, it is always best you consult with your local Land Department Office to know what permits you should have prior to going ahead to erect a new building.
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