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Chiang Mai is world-class city that hosts some of the world’s most beautiful sights. It is the land of exclusivity where you can find the best shopping centers, hospitable people, lovely hill tribes and impeccable parks.

Living in Chiang Mai is the dream of most travelers as it provides the best road infrastructure, learning institutions, rental homes and hotels. In short, life in Chiang Mai is a freestyle where you can access everything you want easily and affordably.

Land ownership in Chiang Mai is restricted to natives only. However, foreigners who want to be owners of land in Chiang Mai can do so using their spouse’s name or by setting up their own company in which they become share holders within. If you don’t have a Thai native spouse or a company based in Chiang Mai but you still want to own land here in Thailand then you can opt for long-standing leasehold on the land, or setup the before mentioned company.
Chiang Mai land prices differ significantly basically based on the location and the level of demand within the specific area.

As it is the habit in most other world cities and countries, land cost in Chiang Mai CBD and other areas around the CBD is more. Statistics show that the least amount you can spend buying a four square meters land in the Chiang Main CBD is 30,000 baht. If you decide to opt for lands within the suburban areas of Chiang Mai, you should be ready to pay at least 10,000 baht to get four squares meters.

When you choose to be a land owner in Chiang Mai, it is advised you know certain things before you make your decision. It is important you investigate the land to know of its condition so that you don’t pay a small amount for a land thinking you are safe only to be forced to invest more to fill landfills. You should also check the tittle deeds carefully to know if they are genuine. Always remember that there are only two types of tittle deeds that can be used to prove land ownership in Chiang Mai which are Chanotes and Nor Gor.

At Chiang Mai Land, we take care in making sure that all our customers are vetted so that they have the correct ownership Chanote or Nor Gor so that you don't fall foul. We have spent a tremendous amount of resources to vet the process and have proof that all of our listings are above board and correct.
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Hang Dong in Chiang Mai is becoming increasingly more popular with Thai and Foreigners a like, with the area boasting great sights and plenty of shops it's fast becoming a hot spot.
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Mae Rim is beautiful, its further out and we are seeing a huge uptick in people wanting the right type of land in Mae Rim
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Some facts about Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai, which is often written as Chiangmai or Chiengmai, is a city in the Northern Thailand. It is the largest city, and traditional customs build it. It has its an eye-catching cultural character.

Chiang Mai is situated between north latitude and east longitude and it is found in the top region of Northern Thailand. It is 700 kilometers by road to the north of Bangkok and 761 km by rail.

This town is the capital city of the northern region and also the second largest city in Thailand. It covers an area of about 20,107.1 sq.lms.

The city is about 136 kilometers wide and 320 kilometers long. Chiang Mai city is covered mostly by forests and mountains. Its districts Fang and Mae Ai are divided by 277 kilometers extend of mountains.

Approximately 16,609.48 cover the forest area land with about 3,121.92 sq.km. covering the farmland area. About 375.66 sq.KM. cover the non-agriculture area. Conclusion Many people in Chaing Mai earn a living through agriculture with the field crop area covering 548.67 sq.KM., and the fruit trees area covering about 1,047.56 sq.KM.
Beautiful Chiang Mai
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Selling Land in Chiang Mai the Professional way
Unlike selling developed property, selling land is often times difficult and complicated. In most cases people prefer to buy property, partly because it is easier to place the value and also because they do not have to develop it. Land on the other hand is difficult to evaluate and needs a clear strategy on how to develop it once purchased.

Unfortunately, most people do not have or are not willing to come up with a development plan for the land. If you want to sell land, it is advisable to look for another party, mostly a company or an agency to sell it on your behalf. Because of the technical strategies that are instrumental in selling land, they are more advantaged in doing it for you. This is because we have a larger customer base, we understand the market needs and are able to help the buyer come up with a development strategy.

To make it easier for the agent to sell the land fast, it is important to let them know your situation. Do you want to sell the land fast or do you want to a high price? Such details will make it easier for Chiang Mai Land to help you to identify and settle for a buyer.
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